Saturday, February 12, 2011

This site is currently under construction.

As time flies by, I am in a whirlwind of projects to launch into this site. And I'm loving it! Many of you knew this blog was coming, and I beg your patience to keep checking for progress.  To the many food
bloggers and foodies, bakers and chefs who have inspired me, you are my treasures. I have aimed for your
funny-bone in leaving comments on your blogs, and you will come to see that comedy rules many a day here.
All of us strive for that nom nom moment, when our table guests chew and hum and roll their eyeballs in
taste epiphany. I hope to inspire you to strive for that satisfaction where words are moot.
My kitchen is a sacred place. It is the heart of my mountain home on a beautiful property filled with tall
conifers near the rushing creek and trailheads. We are visited by bears and mountain lions, and various
wild creatures, and an abundance of deer which are no-maintenance pets who eat all the good stuff and peek into my sliding doors. The huge birds of prey soar overhead while the ornery Stellar Jays and more
ornery Gray Squirrels rule the trees. More like monkeys than squirrels, they beat on the tree limbs and squeak-honk the tough talk. They look you dead in the eyes and dare you. I've been known to spray them
with what for. It's a game and they rise to the occasion. They flow from tree to tree like quicksilver.
Every window is a picture postcard view. Through my kitchen window, I see my neighbors and their dogs
on their daily walks. Rain, snow or shine, they sashay on by, a gaggle of butts and boobs flopping in the
breeze. I delight in sending them the scents of garlic and bubbling red sauce through the open windows.
Here is where the heart is. After a lifetime of moving around, "here" is where I have come to stay.